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nanoc 3

nanoc is a simple but very flexible static site generator written in Ruby. It operates on local files, and therefore does not run on the server. nanoc compiles the local source files into HTML (usually), by evaluating eRuby, Markdown, etc.

Note: This documentation looks best with Yardoc, not RDoc.


The nanoc web site contains a few useful resources to help you get started with nanoc. If you need further assistance, the following places will help you out:


nanoc uses Semantic Versioning.

Source Code Documentation

The source code is located in lib/nanoc and is structured in a few directories:

The namespaces (modules) are organised like this:

The central class in nanoc is {Nanoc::Site}, so you should start there if you want to explore nanoc from a technical perspective.


nanoc has few dependencies. It is possible to use nanoc programmatically without any dependencies at all, but if you want to use nanoc in a proper way, you’ll likely need some dependencies:

If you’re developing for nanoc, such as writing custom filters or helpers, you may be interested in the development dependencies:


(In alphabetical order)


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